Fresh food packing



   Fresh food packing or food storage consumption in fitness business occupies small percentage in the applications .


    The usual storage box barely prevents the oxidation to the food .


   It is only the vacuum airtight technology ensures to prevent oxidation , which is important for food after workouts  .


For sealing industry ,we are a solution provider :


JDD Packing Company is a sealing solution provider for groceries , food which including powder , liquid and other forms  .


JDD ,A manufacturer in sealing and dispensing Industry since 2002,now it provides civil product like daily consumer type sealing unit , storage units .


1. The team is specialized in designing and producing vacuum structure , in liquid dispensing control . We don't produce cheap random plastic box .


2. We have more than 30 patents in sealant and dispensing industry , including industry and civil applications .


3. Comparing price for plastic box ,we are not the cheap one . Structure designing ,producing and quality controlling is our core value .


If you need ideas and practical solutions for sealant , we are the top ranked Choice.




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